Vote for Elijah Behnke for State Assembly 89th District of Wisconsin on April 6th.

Elijah Behnke

For State Assembly 89th District OF WISCONSIN

Hello Wisconsinites, I’m running to represent you in the Assembly because I love this district! I’m born and raised here on a small farm! As a small business owner I want to work for small businesses! We need our kids back in school! I believe in small government and fiscal responsibility!

From Here,

For Here

About Elijah

Elijah has had hard work instilled in him his entire life. He was born in Oconto Falls Memorial Hospital in 1983 to his parents, Darwin and Christine. As the second oldest of four kids, Elijah and his siblings were given chores to do as soon as they could learn to walk. These are lessons he has carried with him through his entire life.
Elijah’s parents owned 15 acres on County J in the heart of the district. His dad went to work in Green Bay daily for his full time job, leaving Elijah and his siblings to spend a lot of time taking care of the cows. At an early age Elijah learned how to operate farm equipment, instilling responsibility in him at an early age.
Elijah was always an entrepreneur at heart, taking various jobs on the farm to earn a few dollars as a boy. Elijah has always worked a couple of jobs at once and is no stranger to working long hours.
Elijah graduated from Oconto high in 2001 and went to bible college in Northeast Georgia. Upon moving back to Wisconsin in 2006 he started working for his mother’s cleaning business. After studying under her for over a year, he started his own cleaning company due to an increase in business. Over the years his business had grown rapidly.
And then the government stepped in. During the Covid pandemic, the Government stepped in and instituted several bureaucratic measures, which affected Elijah’s business. One of the main reasons Elijah decided to run was to stand up for business owners and workers. The Governor classified Elijah’s business as nonessential.
Elijah believes that all work is essential. Any job that puts food on the table, money in your pocket and the ability to feed your family should be deemed essential. While Elijah believes in taking safety precautions during these Covid times, he also believes in common sense and allowing people the freedom to decide what is best for them.
Elijah will use all of his life lessons and core values of faith, family and hard work to represent all citizens of the 89th. He will fight everyday to make sure you and your family succeed.



Advocate for reopening our schools

Elijah realizes the vast majority of students and teachers want to be back in the classroom. Rates among school age children are very low and the vast majority of Pediatricians even suggest sending kids back to school. Keeping kids in virtual schooling affects their overall learning and retention rate. Plus, the rate of depression and other mental illness in kids is skyrocketing. We need to advocate for safe reopening and need to make sure that our tax dollars into the school system are used efficiently. As a proud father of two Elijah understands the importance of our kids receiving quality instruction.


Pro God and Pro Life

As  a dedicated family man and ministry leader Elijah realizes the importance of freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Elijah is unabashedly pro life and will support policies that protect the unborn. 


A voice for farmers and rural communities

As a farmer Elijah sees the struggles that farmers are facing. Elijah will fight for policies that protect farms and cut government red tape that prohibits the next generation from taking over their family farms. 


Clean and Safe Streets

As a community advocate, Elijah will always respect and support our law enforcement community. He will support legislation that protects our law enforcement community and first responders. He will make sure rural public safety and law enforcement departments receive the funding they need to continue to provide quality care. 


A hand up for the struggling- Opioid addiction

Just like Representative John Nygren before him Elijah will support legislation and protect those who suffer from addiction. Elijah believes in quality healthcare solutions to get people healthy and back on their feet. Elijah will also support access to mental health services, especially  in our rural areas. 


The importance of Local Control

As a lifetime resident of the 89th district Elijah has a great deal of respect for our local elected officials and the tough decisions they have to make to fund and operate their local towns, villages, counties, cities etc Elijah will work with our local leaders to find ways and use the tools to operate their municipalities efficiently and responsibly.


Workforce Development Advocate

It’s no secret that many in the baby boomer generation are retiring, leaving thousands of jobs unfilled, especially in the trades. Elijah supports funding and support of apprenticeship programs that help small business owners and help create the next generation of skill workforce in good paying and family supporting jobs. As a business owner Elijah understands the importance of having skilled employees. 


Pro Gun

As a hunter, outdoorsman and conservationist, Elijah realizes the importance of gun ownership. It is a Constitutional and God given right to be able to hunt and to use firearms to protect yourself and your family from danger. Elijah will never support policies that infringe on our 2nd Amendment right to protection.


More Jobs, Less regulations

With remote learning and remote work more prevalent than ever before, Elijah realizes the importance of quality internet and broadband to those that need it, especially rural residents. Elijah will champion common sense, free market legislation that makes the internet more affordable and accessible. 


Protecting our Natural Resources

As a hunter and sportsman, Elijah realizes how important it is to protect our natural resources. Elijah will support common sense legislation to keep our trails, lakes, forests and streams in pristine condition to create the next generation of conservationists. Our state tourism industry is tied closely with our natural resources and Elijah will be a relentless promoter of our state’s recreational opportunities. 


Free and Fair Elections

One of the top priorities as your next state representative will to advocate for free and fair elections. Voting is a sacred right that needs to be protected and Elijah will support legislation that ensures that all elections are run efficiently and that all legal votes are counted. We need to cut down on all types of voter fraud. Elijah will work with our hardworking city and county clerks to make sure that all voters can feel comfortable with casting their votes for their chosen candidate. 

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